Milwaukee’s ‘Beaver Boys’ win 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

(old news, but..)

Congratulations to Milwaukee Bike Polo’s Beaver Boys on winning the 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship.

Milwaukee’s Brian Dillman, Eric Kremin, and Joe Burge, along with 63 other teams from around the globe, travelled to Berlin from August 12th to 15th for this three-day bike polo championship, and came home with the first place trophy.

Brian, when arriving home in Milwaukee after traveling Europe for another three weeks, wrote briefly on the Milwaukee Bike Polo blog about his travels and the international bike polo community.

“So I am fresh back to MKE (and fresh on this blog) after an amazing world tour. This was the first time I had been to Europe. Ella and I flew out of Chicago on August 8th into Germany for the WHBPC (won the trophy with a couple of Beavers) than returned to the grand ol midwest by way of Paris on September 9th. In Between our travels brought us to Berlin, Amsterdam, The Swiss Alps, Geneva, The French Riviera, Barcelona, and finally Paris. Prior to this trip I had a good idea that people within the international polo community were hospitable and all but I couldn’t have wished for better treatment in every place and from every person we visited. My suggestion to anyone out there who wants to do a lot of traveling… start playing polo. I cant think of any other community where standard treatment is to show up to a city you have never been, walk into a strangers house to a welcome of hot soup on the stove, ear to ear smiles, cold beer in the fridge, a set of house keys, a bed with fresh linens in a private room, a meal from the family cafe, a round of congratulations and well wishes,and or an espresso. Truly everyone along the route went out of their way to ensure we felt like we belonged. This all added up to most flattering treatment I could imagine. I wanna use this post to give a special thank you to everyone I can fit.”

Again, congratulations to Milwaukee’s Beaver Boys on their world championship, and much thanks for being great representatives of Milwaukee’s Bicycle Community.

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