MidwestBMX Video Jam Premiere this Thursday, 10/28

The 2010 MidwestBMX Video Jam was this past weekend, October 22nd – 24th, in downtown Milwaukee.

Organized by Milwaukee-native Mike Hinkens, the MidwestBMX Video Jam is a one-weekend-to-film BMX video contest. Registered 2-4 person teams from all over the midwest had one weekend to film in downtown Milwaukee, four days to edit, and then submit a video to be judged by the other teams. Winners will be picked at the video premiere by team vote, with 1st place team winning a cash prize and the runner-ups winning their entrance fee back.

All video edits are due by this Thursday, and the video premiere is being held the same night at 4 Seasons Skatepark of Milwaukee. The video premiere is open to anyone and everyone to come watch, so make it there by 7pm to catch the video edits, and then ride your bike!

When: Thursday, October 28th 7pm
What: MidwestBMX Video Jam Premiere
Where: 4 Seasons Skatepark, 200 N. 25th Street Milwaukee, WI
Link: http://midwestbmx.net/wordpress/?p=727

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