– New Website URL started with a simple re-direct to this wordpress blog. Although still in it’s growing stages, we’ve developed the site a bit more in the past couple months. You can find all of the the news, calendar, blog, etc. information at

If you’re finding your way to this MKEBKE wordpress blog by chance, please re-direct to the new website for the most up-to-date information.

We also just launched the messageboard, so feel free to check that out and make good use of it! –

If you have any suggestions or improvements you’d like to see, please share them. I set up a rough number of forum/sub-forum topics on the messageboard, but can add/edit all of it. I want to have site be as useful and productive as possible.

With all the amazing bicycle events here in Milwaukee; group rides, races, parties, community building, and friendships formed, it seemed important to have a website to easily reference for bicycle advocacy, calendar of events, community news, group rides, photo sharing, buy/sell/trade, messageboard, etc.

I’ve had people start share events and news postings with me for the site.. this is a perfect example of what i want seeing happen with it! I know i have my own bicycle events I’m personally involved with, but i want others from the Milwaukee Bicycle Community submitting news/events for the website, participating on the messageboard, etc. I have really high hopes for it over time. As more people visit and are reference the site from seeing the link on different flyers, stickers, etc., they’ll read and find out about a lot of other fun, positive things happening in the city.

Thanks for your continued interest and support in the Milwaukee Bicycle Community.

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