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As we develop beyond just a redirect to this wordpress blog, there will be an easier calendar to look at and submit events/news. If you want send any events/news to be posted on here, just send us an email with as much information as possible.

Event Link:


When: Friday, October 22nd 2010 7pm
What: ‘Ghostbusters’ Bike-In Movie
Where: Marsupial Bridge Media Garden (across from Trocadero), Milwaukee, WI
Link: facebook event

When: Thursday, October 28th 2010 9pm
What: Zombie Apocalypse Group Bike Ride
Where: Brady & Warren, Milwaukee, WI
Link:, facebook event

When: Saturday, October 30th 2010 9am
What: Hollander Halloween Costume Crawl
Where: Cafe Hollander, 2608 N. Downer Milwaukee, WI

When: Saturday, November 6th 2010 3pm
What: Cranksgiving 2010
Where: Lakeshore State Park, Milwaukee, WI (behind Summerfest grounds)
Link: facebook event

When: Saturday, November 20th 2010 5:30pm
What: All Out Warfare: Don’t Kill The Messenger 2 Alley Cat
Where: Registration at Burrows Park, Madison, WI
Link:, facebook event


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