– New Website URL started with a simple re-direct to this wordpress blog. Although still in it’s growing stages, we’ve developed the site a bit more in the past couple months. You can find all of the the news, calendar, blog, etc. information at

If you’re finding your way to this MKEBKE wordpress blog by chance, please re-direct to the new website for the most up-to-date information.

We also just launched the messageboard, so feel free to check that out and make good use of it! –

If you have any suggestions or improvements you’d like to see, please share them. I set up a rough number of forum/sub-forum topics on the messageboard, but can add/edit all of it. I want to have site be as useful and productive as possible.

With all the amazing bicycle events here in Milwaukee; group rides, races, parties, community building, and friendships formed, it seemed important to have a website to easily reference for bicycle advocacy, calendar of events, community news, group rides, photo sharing, buy/sell/trade, messageboard, etc.

I’ve had people start share events and news postings with me for the site.. this is a perfect example of what i want seeing happen with it! I know i have my own bicycle events I’m personally involved with, but i want others from the Milwaukee Bicycle Community submitting news/events for the website, participating on the messageboard, etc. I have really high hopes for it over time. As more people visit and are reference the site from seeing the link on different flyers, stickers, etc., they’ll read and find out about a lot of other fun, positive things happening in the city.

Thanks for your continued interest and support in the Milwaukee Bicycle Community.

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MidwestBMX Video Jam Premiere this Thursday, 10/28

The 2010 MidwestBMX Video Jam was this past weekend, October 22nd – 24th, in downtown Milwaukee.

Organized by Milwaukee-native Mike Hinkens, the MidwestBMX Video Jam is a one-weekend-to-film BMX video contest. Registered 2-4 person teams from all over the midwest had one weekend to film in downtown Milwaukee, four days to edit, and then submit a video to be judged by the other teams. Winners will be picked at the video premiere by team vote, with 1st place team winning a cash prize and the runner-ups winning their entrance fee back.

All video edits are due by this Thursday, and the video premiere is being held the same night at 4 Seasons Skatepark of Milwaukee. The video premiere is open to anyone and everyone to come watch, so make it there by 7pm to catch the video edits, and then ride your bike!

When: Thursday, October 28th 7pm
What: MidwestBMX Video Jam Premiere
Where: 4 Seasons Skatepark, 200 N. 25th Street Milwaukee, WI

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Hollander Halloween Costume Crawl this Saturday, 10/30

Cafe Hollander on Downer Avenue is hosting their Hollander Halloween Costume Crawl on Saturday, October 30th. This seven-stop pub, costume pub crawl / ride starts bright and early at 9am, with the first and last stops being at Cafe Hollander. All proceeds raised from the event will go to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.

The ride will feature “games, costume contest, free brewery tour, $3.50 Lakefront Taps and treats at every stop! Raffle prize opportunities at each location for a $1 minimum donation to the Bike Federation of Wisconsin.”

When: Saturday, October 30th 2010 9am
What: Hollander Halloween Costume Crawl
Where: Cafe Hollander, 2608 N. Downer Milwaukee, WI

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‘Ghostbusters’ Bike-In Movie this Friday, 10/22

The Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series is showing Ghostbusters this Friday night. Thanks to the MBIMS for hosting some great, free movies and fun times this summer. This will be their last bike-in movie of 2010, so bring your friends, a blanket, snacks/drinks, and don’t waste this beautiful fall night!

When: Friday, October 22nd 2010 7pm
What: ‘Ghostbusters’ Bike-In Movie
Where: Marsupial Bridge Media Garden (across from Trocadero), Milwaukee, WI
Link: facebook event

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Milwaukee’s ‘Beaver Boys’ win 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

(old news, but..)

Congratulations to Milwaukee Bike Polo’s Beaver Boys on winning the 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship.

Milwaukee’s Brian Dillman, Eric Kremin, and Joe Burge, along with 63 other teams from around the globe, travelled to Berlin from August 12th to 15th for this three-day bike polo championship, and came home with the first place trophy.

Brian, when arriving home in Milwaukee after traveling Europe for another three weeks, wrote briefly on the Milwaukee Bike Polo blog about his travels and the international bike polo community.

“So I am fresh back to MKE (and fresh on this blog) after an amazing world tour. This was the first time I had been to Europe. Ella and I flew out of Chicago on August 8th into Germany for the WHBPC (won the trophy with a couple of Beavers) than returned to the grand ol midwest by way of Paris on September 9th. In Between our travels brought us to Berlin, Amsterdam, The Swiss Alps, Geneva, The French Riviera, Barcelona, and finally Paris. Prior to this trip I had a good idea that people within the international polo community were hospitable and all but I couldn’t have wished for better treatment in every place and from every person we visited. My suggestion to anyone out there who wants to do a lot of traveling… start playing polo. I cant think of any other community where standard treatment is to show up to a city you have never been, walk into a strangers house to a welcome of hot soup on the stove, ear to ear smiles, cold beer in the fridge, a set of house keys, a bed with fresh linens in a private room, a meal from the family cafe, a round of congratulations and well wishes,and or an espresso. Truly everyone along the route went out of their way to ensure we felt like we belonged. This all added up to most flattering treatment I could imagine. I wanna use this post to give a special thank you to everyone I can fit.”

Again, congratulations to Milwaukee’s Beaver Boys on their world championship, and much thanks for being great representatives of Milwaukee’s Bicycle Community.

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MKEBKE Bike Rack Program

The City of Milwaukee has focused a lot of efforts on other positive bike-friendly projects as of late, and it’s amazing to have their support. We as a bicycle community can take on positive projects of our own and make a change within our community just the same. Focusing on one topic in particular, I think bicycle parking facilities is one of them. We already have many bike racks all around the city, but we can all think or at least one place we commute to regularly that we struggle to find parking shy of a 1/2 block down the street to the nearest stop sign. Having more local businesses be bicycle-friendly and accommodating, not to mention the unfortunate bike thefts we or close friends have all dealt with personally, and having your bike parked close to you is least-to-say comforting.

Did you know you used to be able to request a bike rack(s) for almost anywhere in the city? A while back, Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works received a federal transportation grant and installed over 2,000 bike racks around the city. For example; ever find yourself at the Riverwest Co-op, Polish Falcon, or Cream City Collective (CCC) on Fratney and Clarke in Riverwest? Take a peek at the northwest corner of the intersection in front of the CCC and look at the beautiful row of bike racks. All installed within the last few years.

The number of available racks from the city has dwindling down to three. Literally, three.

I gave Dave Schlabowske, our Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator who oversaw Milwaukee’s whole Bicycle Master Plan, a call earlier today and had a nice, informative conversation with him. Back in the nineties, their original project agreement worked with a grant for over $300,000 and took bids from a number of companies, settling with Madison-based bike rack company Saris for many of their bike racks. When they were flooded with requests is when the city hired out a contractor to respond quicker and get these bike racks in the ground.

As these ran out, I asked where additional funding or support for bike racks in the city will come from, and unfortunately, they currently don’t have any mapped out plans to purchase or install more bike racks right now. Beyond the city’s new ordinance requiring new buildings to install their own bike parking facilities, businesses are always able purchase and install their own bike racks for customer bicycle parking.
With the financial weight of installing bike racks now being on business owners and individuals, MKEBKE plans to coordinate a new Bike Rack Program in the city.

Milwaukee’s past experience with Saris in installing bicycle racks made me curious to contact the company. With one simple phone call, I had a 20 minute conversation with Jeremy from Saris, who personally worked with Dave and is familiar with our bicycle community.

They’re a local company that does all their own manufacturing in bending and welding their wide variety of bicycle racks. They typically stock their racks in black, but they provide eight color choices and ship out to a company in Oconomowoc for painting. He was very encouraging to come check out and take a tour of their facilities.

If you’re a business interested in getting involved, or know of any businesses and establishments you’d like to see install bike racks, please contact us. We’ll share detailed proposals to all interested parties. Support your patrons who support you, the Milwaukee Bicycle Community.

For more information on MKEBKE Bike Rack Program, contact Steve Roche at

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Zombie Apocalypse Group Bike Ride on Thursday, 10/28

Started as a one-time-turned-monthly underwear bike ride this summer, MKEBKE is excited to continue a fun, monthly group ride open to any and all riders. If you haven’t been on one, you’re sure to seen or heard of a fun-loving group of riders showing Milwaukee roads some two-wheeled love. These group rides are just for fun, anyone and everyone is welcome. I encourage you to come check out the ride, socialize, and enjoy yourselves.

MKEBKE’s October group ride has a ‘theme’ just like the underwear rides all summer long; Zombie Apocalypse. Really.. bicycles, zombies, and Halloween weekend. Do I really have to say more?

The ride will meet at 9pm in the same spot as the underwear rides, the empty lot next to Jimmy John’s on Brady Street (Brady & Warren). There will be a route planned out like usual, so please help keep the group together. There will be a planned outdoor stop mid-way through the ride to stop and hang out, catch a breath, and have a rootbeer or two.

After-party details soon!

Please ride safely and be respecful of other riders. Remember to bring your bike lights!

When: Thursday, October 28th 2010 9pm
What: Zombie Apocalypse Group Bike Ride
Where: Brady & Warren, Milwaukee, WI

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